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25238POP Mail has stopped working

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  • Gene
    Jul 17, 2013
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      I am using latest release of Eudora under Windows 7 and POP mail from Yahoo had been working fine except the semi regular request from Yahoo to resign in to Yahoo. When I got to Yahoo I was signed on but resigning in allowed POP mail on my computer to work fine again


      I am logged in to my Yahoo account at Yahoo on the web. All is fine there

      In the past I get all my Yahoo mail through POP mail from my computer and have for many years.

      POP mail has stopped working on my computer. I get the message "Incorrect user name or password MBR1212. No matter how many times I go back to Yahoo and sign on again I find myself still signed in and sign in again but at my computer I keep getting the message "Incorrect user name or password MBR1212

      Is there a phone number I can use to reach Yahoo tech support?

      Is anyone else having the same problem
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