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25216Re: [Y-Mail] Please verify your account

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  • lena_kiev
    Jul 13, 2013
      > From: Gene Ehrich <ygehrich@...>

      > I am using latest release of Eudora and Yahoo Pop mail. I am logged into Yahoo.
      > When I hit the get mail button in Eudora I get a message in Eudora
      > error area that tells me:
      > Please verify your account by going to https://login.yahoo.com
      > Once I do that I can go back and get pop mail in Eudora.
      > From that point on I can download the pop mail a number of times for
      > a while maybe 20 to 30 minutes and finally get the same message
      > again. and start all over.
      > I hadn't been logged out but still logged in to Yahoo all the time.
      > Driving me crazy.
      > Thoughts

      Just after successful getting mail, go to http://myipaddress.com
      and write down your current IP-address. When you see that error
      message again, refresh that webpage and check whether your IP-address changed.
      If it changed then it's your ISP who does that, possibly depending on
      settings of router or cable modem - set it up for continuous/persistent
      connection instead of "on demand" or such.

      Try to switch in Eudora from POP3 to IMAP, secure/encrypted connection
      (TLS/SSL), port 993.
      If IMAP works for you then you can stop paying for Mail Plus.
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