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25138Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Problems sending emails to AOL, Comcast, Verizon accounts

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  • Shal Farley
    Jul 2, 2013
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      > This topic got me thinking about our problem again and I found this link
      > where a Verizon customer can request and email address be put on their
      > whitelist - <http://my.verizon.com/micro/whitelist/> . Might help some of
      > the problems with Verizon if they allow your request.

      Hey, now that form is much improved since when I was a Verizon customer. Back then the form demanded the IP address of the sending server -- which was of little use to me as Yahoo Groups has over 600 outbound servers! (and the form would not accept the abbreviated /24 format).

      If enough Verizon customers request whitelisting of the yahoo.com domain that might get their attention. Even if (part of) the problem is on Yahoo's side, it will likely take getting the engineers from both sides to study their server logs together in order to figure out why Verizon is "unreachable for too long".

      -- Shal
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