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25112Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Too Many versions of Y-Mail

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  • Kenneth
    Jun 26, 2013
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      I was able to read and reply to your post just fine using the current Yahoo! Mail set to the full-featured option.  Is it really the case that you can barely use it?

      I believe most complaints are with the functionality of Mail when set to the basic option.  Selecting full-featured with javascript enabled seems fine with one exception that I know of.  Selection of multiple emails via the selection drop-down icon is buggy for folders containing more emails than can be displayed at once on the screen.  Otherwise it appears to be very usable.


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      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, Chris J Brady <chrisjbrady@...> wrote:
      > I am confused.
      > I know that Yahoo Mail 'Classic' has been around for many years. It appears to be loved by thousands`if not millions - it was simple, it worked, it provided the service users were happy with.
      > Then we had 'Beta' - which I guess most people ignored, or if they switched over to it, hated it, and then switched back to 'Classic.'
      > Then we had 'New' which I assume was developed from 'Beta' - and I understand that 'New' was so unfriendly and lacked many features that 'Classic' had, so that again many folks switched back to 'Classic.'
      > Now I get the impression that anything with the description "Yahoo Mail 'New'" is universally deemed to represent the 'New' aka 'Beta' that a vast majority hated.
      > But now we have a different 'New' - apparently termed 'Neo.' This comes in two flavours 'Basic' and 'Fully Featured.' This is the version that we are being forced into accepting whilst being given a choice of 'Basic' of 'Fully Featured.'
      > So my first confusion is this: is the 'New' (aka 'Beta') that was almost universally hated by everyone anything to do with the 'New' aka 'Neo' version?
      > It seems that this is the widespread belief - hence the angst against 'Neo.' Users may not realise that 'Neo' may be a different development.
      > Or is it? Is 'Neo' indeed a development from 'New' (aka 'Beta'), or a new version in its own right?
      > Whatever the switch from 'Classic' to 'Neo' has been very badly handled by Yahoo. It is unacceptable to block searching in 'Classic' and to force anyone doing a search of old emails into converting to 'Neo' instead. This lack of being able to search in 'Classic' is causing me immense distress. This is not good customer service.
      > Secondly it appears that 'Neo' 'Basic' and 'Fully Featured' is still being tweaked. This is crazy. I worked on a major airline booking system and the last thing we did before going live with a new version was to stress test it on a live but hidden server. One of the issues that you DO NOT do is to develop a live system whilst the public is using it at the same time. That is incredibly unprofessional.
      > CJB

      To sum that review up in just a few short words, Yahoo mail now sucks so bad I can barely use it, no matter what browser I use or OS!

      Been using Yahoo mail since 1997 and has worked great. Now, I'm thinking of switching my primary e-mail to Gmail, which I can't stand, or Microsoft Mail!

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