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25086Re: [Y-Mail] Too Many versions of Y-Mail

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  • Donna
    Jun 22, 2013
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    Thank you. I am trying the fully-featured version of the Yahoo Mail now.  I have run into something that I am not sure what's causing it. I've attached a screen shot of what I'm seeing. 


    After I read a message, I return to the inbox by clicking on the inbox tab or the link on the left hand side which also says inbox.  But, it appears that each message that I read isn't being closed when I return to the inbox.  Why is that?  I checked my inbox on outlook.com and notice that the messages close whether I click Inbox on the left, or the little X on the  upper corner of the message. 


    As far as I can tell, if I return to the inbox, it means that I am either done reading the message or I am choosing to come back at a later  time.  I don't need to have a tab for the message.  I think this is a design flaw.  Or, there's something in the options that I don't have set  right.

    So far, the fully-featured is okay; but, it has some really strange things that don't make sense.  If I can figure out the best way to use what  I have to work with, I will stay with it; but, basic  is okay as well and certainly didn't seem full of bugs.



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