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25061Re: Classic Mail v.v. New Mail

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  • jchan212
    Jun 20 10:08 AM
      Does anyone know how to contact Yahoo about keeping Yahoo Classic Mail alive?

      I may be one of the few people out there that still uses Yahoo Classic, but since there are millions of Yahoo E-mail users, I doubt that I'm the only one who enjoys using Yahoo Classic over other e-mails. I expect people will just get frustrated and switch to Gmail. There are several things that Yahoo Classic does better for my personal usage, and it comes down to "Simple is Better."

      (1) Yahoo Classic is a lot simpler to ZOOM in on Tiny print and view the full page. I may have bad eyesight and my HD wide laptop makes all the webpages smaller, so I have an automatic zoom (I also tried the new Yahoo Mail, and it doesn't work because of my zoom settings - so that's a MAJOR BUG). But the Zoom doesn't render well in Gmail either because of the e-mail frames that show only half the e-mail message in the frame within a frame.

      (2)I receive several newsletters that can be read easiest on Yahoo Classic like - Daily Techcrunch, Daily BI, Thrillist, that require easy Zooming. I find that Meetup E-mails look best in Yahoo Classic. If I am forced to read these in Gmail, I will just cancel the subscriptions, and not read the blogs. I would hope those Companies want Yahoo Classic ALIVE, because their loyal readers enjoy getting their E-mails.

      (3)Yahoo Classic allows for Right-Click/Tabs of individual messages. I just find this more convenient and the quickest way to open and read a lot of messages. Gmail does not allow Right-Tabbing of individual messages. I think Gmail is good for business e-mails and text e-mails, but the frames make it difficult to view Newsletters.

      Overall, if Yahoo eliminates Yahoo Classic, I expect them to upset and lose loyal older adults who have used their E-mail service for decades. Perhaps, Yahoo is secretly trying to get rid of wealthy adults, to go after the cool, college customer. Its unfortunate and sad that Yahoo has resorted to this, and I expect this forced Yahoo Mail change will lose those Loyal Yahoo Classic users, instead of keeping them.
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