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25024Re: [Y-Mail] Outlook Express? And backup for free

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  • Thomas Sisson
    Jun 16, 2013

      I would not use Outlook Express for email. There is a reason Microsoft dropped it, and it is a very unsecure email program. I would advise using just about any other email program.

      Don't confuse Outlook Express with Outlook that comes with the Microsoft Office software package. It is perfectly fine. I personally use Thunderbird, but I have used Opera, and a few others as well.


      On 06/14/2013 05:33 PM, Lena@... wrote:


      > From: <elizabeth_35674@...>

      > Can Outlook Express be used with Yahoo mail

      In short, yes. Details:

      I never paid for Mail Plus, my yahoo mailbox is @....
      On the groups.yahoo.com website I clicked the small triange
      at the left of Help at upper left, then Account Info, entered password,
      clicked "Set language, site, and time zone", switched to
      "English (United Kingdom)", Signed Out and back in.
      Then in Opera web-browser (it has a builtin mail program)
      in menu I clicked "Mail and Chat Accounts", created an IMAP account,
      entered my @... email address and its password.
      Opera smartly autofilled server names and ports:
      incoming IMAP: imap.mail.yahoo.com, secure connection (TLS), port 993;
      outgoing: smtp.mail.yahoo.com, secure connection (TLS), port 465.

      Then in Opera menu I clicked Mail - Read Mail.
      Opera downloaded my mail from my yahoo mailbox. For free!
      I even successfully sent an email from Opera through yahoo's SMTP-server.

      Possibly, switching to "United Kingdom" was unnecessary.

      Outlook Express and Thunderbird also support IMAP.

      It's also how you can backup your mail for free if you want to continue
      to use web-interface.

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