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24916Re: Pages display disappeared.

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  • Mayaranger
    Jun 7, 2013
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      OK, I found out what happened to the Pages format that disappeared on 5 Jun 2015. It was replaced with a Super Scrollbar that forces one to advance thru emails by scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. We can no longer move around in our Inbox and other folders by pages.

      Here is the documentation and it means that our long-trusted Yahoo Mail is now an almost unmanageable mess.

      This is deliberate and bad. I just found this here:

      I've copied and pasted below. Notice that it was done 5 Jun 13, and that is when we began seeing the problem. I say it looks bad because our email in now almost unmanageable. I find it hard to believe that our long-trusted email is now almost unusable. I hope they correct this otherwise I will have to go to another email handler client.

      "Quickly scroll through hundreds of messages in your Yahoo! Mail inbox
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      By Ankit Shah, Senior Software Engineer – Yahoo! Mail
      When you're looking for the party invitation your friend sent you yesterday or the coupon you received from your favorite store last weekend, sometimes it's easiest to just scroll back through your messages to find what you're looking for. Beginning today, you can effortlessly navigate your Yahoo! Mail inbox by scrolling through hundreds of messages at a time. To jump back to the top of your message list, click on the gray arrow in the lower-right corner that follows you as you scroll down the page. And to get to the earliest or most recent message in the list, simply sort by date in the menu above your inbox."

      Hey everyone: Send Yahoo Feedback asking to cancel this new feature and bring back "Pages". Get others to do so too until Yahoo gets the message. They ask for feedback on the linked blog but have no direct feedback on the blog.

      Please post any ideas on how we can get this repaired.
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