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24857Re: [Y-Mail] Strange Warning

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  • Bill Todd
    May 24, 2013
      plus another tell tale sign is the fact they didn't use your email address they used undisclosed-recipients and didn't call you by your name instead they used "dear yahoo account holder"
      if it was from yahoo they would call you by your first and last names and use your email address

      On 23 May 2013 21:56, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:


      > I received this email supposedly from Yahoo Admin about misusing my
      > Yahoo account - which I have had for about 15 years without problems.
      > There are no explicit details. Is it genuine, ...

      Everything I can see looks legit: specifically the use of the yahoo.com
      domain for links and the yahoo-inc.com domain for email -- those are
      Yahoo. Usually the tell-tale for a fraud or phisher is a reply-to or a
      link that isn't Yahoo.

      > and what have I done wrong? And how can I find out what I have done
      > wrong?

      I've no clue there, unfortunately.

      -- Shal


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