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24809alternatives/Classic Yahoo Mail Surrogates out there, was new Ya

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  • adeomus ********
    May 7, 2013
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      i have no opposition to " new" if it meets my needs and tastes.

      i like plain tailored clothes, for example,
      and would hate fancy embroidered shirts imposed on me.
      i see this that way.

      looked at google,
      am not nuts about multiple steps for same action as one step on yahoo.


      "That is the way", he said. "But there are no stairs", I cried.
      "You must throw yourself in", he replied. 'There is no other way. "

      -- George MacDonald

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      I'm not sure if it's that people are opposed to anything new.  Probably, the big question is, what's the point in changing if it works and people are comfortable with it.  Perhaps, those who are resistant to change might have also been using the Classic Hotmail as well.  When Classic Hotmail became Outlook, many people complained.  Perhaps, people might be thinking that this new Yahoo mail will be like Outlook.  That could be what they are resistant to.  I will be honest and say that I don't like Outlook.  It doesn't look professional.  I moved some of my groups over to other web mail providers; but, I still keep Outlook for some political and activist newsletters. 

      Yahoo Classic is like a comfortable pair of shoes.  It's hard to give it up. 

      I'm not sure what you mean by saying computers, cell phones, microwave ovens, were new not that long ago.  My brother had his first mobile phone back in the 70s.  But, I think that they've been around even longer.    Granted, it was in his truck; but, if an incoming call came, his truck's horn would start beeping.  My parents got their first microwave oven when I was in high school back in the 60s.  It cost over $400 at that time.  Microwave ovens have gotten better and dropped a lot in prices since that time.  Computers have also been around quite a long time.  There was one personal computer called the Datapoint 2200 which was released for sale in the mid 70s.

      People have various reasons for not wanting to change.  But, it's not wrong to be resistant to change, just as it's not necessarily right to accept it.  Some changes are good, and even beneficial.  I used to have a cell phone.  But, I got rid of it months ago.  At the time I cancelled my service, I was paying for 100 minutes a month.  Now, the minimum minutes is 700 minutes.  It served me no purpose since I only used about 20 minutes a month. 

      I say let those who need to complain or vent do so.  Change isn't easy for those who are old, like me.



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