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  • kr402
    Apr 30, 2013
      I switched over to try it and there appears to be no way to go back to classic. Which I'm really ok with since I'm going to have to switch anyway.

      The main difference I have seen so far are the tabs. Which is one thing I've never gotten used to with Gmail. I rarely use Gmail, but have a back up account.

      When an email is open there are arrows with reply to all choice in addition to reply [to sender]. I'm not sure exactly what reply to all does, as it doesn't list who you're sending it to when you click on it
      . Does it send the email to everyone in your contact list? I would be embarrassed if I accidentally did that when replying to a personal email, or worse if it was a business email with personal info, that got into the wrong hands. At least with forward you have to choose which addies you're sending it to.

      Also, when an email is open there's an up and down arrow, so you can go to the next email up or down. I guess that could be useful if you want to read your emails in the order received without having to go back to the inbox. I don't see how this particular function could be a problem if you don't like it, as you can choose to not use it. Having extra functions you don't use on email to me is like having extra functions on a device, eg; cell phone that you don't use. Someone else might find that function very useful, where as you find another one usual that they don't.

      When you have email open a new email will show up in your inbox without you having to click the inbox to check for new mail.

      Unread email in addition to being highlighted has a purple dot in front of it. To star an email you click on the star in front of the subject.

      Next to the time the email was sent is a trash can, so you can delete mail that way or check mark the mails you want to delete, then click delete at the top of your mail.

      I like how the time an email is sent is listed, instead of like some email where it says sent so many minutes ago. That isn't very usual for me.

      So far the new YMail is working for me without any glitches.

      Will I stay with new YMail or switch to something else? Well, if I ever find a replacement that I feel would better suite my needs, yes.

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