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  • Sasafrass452
    Apr 24, 2013
      I'm using Linux also.... What browser did you try that was unsupported? I use Firefox, & never had an issue accessing Yahoo Mail. If it told me my browser was unsupported, I chose to continue anyway, & Yahoo Mail loaded & functioned just fine. I think the mobile version will stay, since many people use tablets & smartphones. It's just the apps that are being terminated, & Firefox is available as a mobile version that's relatively new, so people will still have access to Yahoo Mail that way.
      On 04/23/2013 07:01 PM, Thomas Sisson wrote:

      Gmail does the same thing. They roll out changes without even telling users first. The difference is that it does not happen to all users at the same time.

      I honestly don't see the big deal with the "new" webmail interface. The only issue that I have is the odd way of displaying attached emails. This can be an issue if you subscribe to picture groups.

      Of course, the mobile mail page is likely to go away eventually. It is only available for those with older mobile devices that cannot install the mail app.

      There is something else that I discovered today. When I opened Yahoo mail with an unsupported browser, it used to send me the the HTML webmail. It no longer does that. Instead, it says to upgrade to Firefox or Safari. Apparently, Yahoo looks for MS Windows. If it doesn't find that, it assumes you are on an operating system for an Apple computer.

      I'm using Linux.

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