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24711Re: new Yahoo! Mail forced on all

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  • aprildancer3
    Apr 22 12:05 PM
      << It costs money to keep extra versions of the mail running, & they want to focus on the new version. IMO, that's the best way to go. >>

      Don't believe a word of that. It cost them next to or nothing. The]is is just to show that they think they can do what ever they want to whom ever they want.

      Classic mail has worked better then it ever had. It's wonderful you use. Looks great. Works perfectly.

      I could go on and on. But it comes down to ONE thing.

      If something IS NOT broken. Don't try to fix it.

      I think in the next month. Yahell is going to learn a HUGE lesson.

      If you mess to much with people. they will take it no longer and fight back.

      Best way I can think to do that. Is not just walk away from them and use others email services. But maybe even communicate your feeling to any and all the business that advertize on yahoo.

      Hit them hard enough in their wallet. Then they'll sit up and listen.

      The more we let them take. The more they will take. What is next. Attaching OUR groups again? We came together each time they tried crap. And every time we backed them off. What kills me. is why could we do that now?

      Just from what I have read the past while here. Yahell is gonna loss a lot of email users. Which means less people to bring in money.

      It has been so good to hear what most here feel. Makes a gal feel less alone.

      Thanks for that all.


      posted at the group.
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