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24710Re: new Yahoo! Mail forced on all

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  • aprildancer3
    Apr 22 11:40 AM
      I have been a member here a few yrs. Just don;t post. But for this. I will. And YAHELL is listening/. All the better.

      << they have said this before...they took support, they threatened and cajoled..but classic stayed for soem die hards. >>

      In this case I wish that would happen. Just leave those of us who MUST use it lone!

      << but if they do indeed force us, i will go kicking and screaming against my will ( for a short while til i get something else). >>

      I won't wait that long. When they force the switch and kill my emails. I am gone.

      I just wish someone could but the groups and then T! could be gone.

      << and yahoo will be a dirty word in my house. >>

      It already has been in mine for yrs.

      Sherry H.
      Posted directly from the group home.
      All my groups are set to NO MAIL for the duration.
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