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24661Re: Disposable addresses use Spamguard even though option not checked

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  • Kenneth
    Apr 7 1:56 PM
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      I just tested the x-apparently-to field by sending an email from my Gmail account to my work account and BCCed to one of my Yahoo! Mail Plus DEAs.

      The DEA does show up in the x-apparently-to field in the full header. What surprised me though is that just opening the email with Yahoo!'s new interface displayed my DEA in a BCC field in the regular mail header.

      Is Yahoo! Mail determining that the email must have included me via BCC based on the x-apparently-to field?


      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, Shal Farley <shal@...> wrote:
      > Peter,
      > > Even though I don't have "Use Spamguard" checked for my disposable
      > > addresses, it appears that Yahoo mail still uses Spamguard on ALL mail.
      > > If the email is detected as spam, it goes to the spam folder. And if the
      > > email address was in bcc (rather than to or cc), you can't see which
      > > disposable address has been compromised.
      > Use "View Full Header" in the Actions menu. You should find a field starting with "X-Apparently-To:" that lists your email address. I don't use disposable addresses, but I imagine that would identify it.
      > -- Shal
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