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24597Re: [Y-Mail] Lena// password was stolen

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  • lena_kiev
    Mar 16, 2013
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      > From: adeomus ******** <carpediemadeomus@...>
      > Lena, may i please share this info with my groups' members ?
      > ( and, if yes, can i use your name ?)

      Yes, anybody may forward anything I post on this group
      and groups for moderators (YGOG, GMF, EL-M, LH, fEG, MaM).

      > this spam is pandemic on yahoo groups right now.

      Felons get paid "per install" (PPI): every trojan installation
      (in victims' Windowses) gets them money. The last link
      "The commercialization of malware distribution: Pay per install" on
      Supply of losers who click links in spam
      (and never think to use anything but Windows)
      is endless.

      The next step will be contamination of often visited pages on legitimate
      websites (using FTP passwords stolen from webmasters), so the
      "click suspicious link" step will be unnecessary anymore,
      using Windows will be enough. Security holes in Windows are perpetual,
      antivirus vendors lost in the war.

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