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24563Re: [Y-Mail] Despite its efforts to fix vulnerabilities, Yahoo???s Mail users continue reporting hacking incidents - The Next Web

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  • Shal Farley
    Mar 10 4:11 PM

      > I used to have a seal but it keeps disappearing so I gave up on
      > uploading a picture.

      I believe the key to the seal is stored in a browser cookie. I was having a problem where the seal would never stay on one computer, but was reliable on another. Eventually I cleared the list of blocked cookies in Firefox on that first computer and now the seal stays.

      > There is a new setting that I applied that keeps Internet cafe from
      > getting in my account. I do not know if that will help but I hope so. So
      > far so good. It has been three months since being hacked so I hope
      > blocking an Internet cafe user has helped.

      If you mean turning on https: (secure http) access for Yahoo Mail yes, that will help prevent session hijacking. And is a very good idea if you ever use Wi-Fi networks that are provided to the public or to customers of various types of businesses. However, that means of stealing account access is more associated with identity theft than with the widespread proliferation of spam emails we're seeing now.

      If you mean turning on second sign-in verification that will keep anyone out of your Yahoo account anywhere in the world, even if they've stolen your password. That too is a good thing (and I've turned it on for my accounts) although it does entail a little inconvenience when you first use a new machine. The flip side of it though is that it doesn't prevent the password theft itself, which might have involved being able to steal more than just your Yahoo password -- you still need to use other means to protect your online banking or shopping passwords.

      -- Shal
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