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24556Re: [Y-Mail] Despite its efforts to fix vulnerabilities, Yahoo???s Mail users continue reporting hacking incidents - The Next Web

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  • Donna Lee
    Mar 10, 2013
      LUCKY YOU!! You got a Mac I suppose.

      When I got hacked I had a CLEAN machine including free of key loggers so someone hacked in my email.

      Yes it can happen in Gmail or any other web mail.

      If it is Windows then again why would my Yahoo get hit and not my Gmail at the same time?!?

      Sorry --- Yahoo gets the blame! Since I had a CLEAN PC!

      Donna Ford Lee ♂+♀=♡
      Tulsa, OK

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      On Mar 9, 2013, at 11:23 AM, Lena@... wrote:

      >> From: Donna Lee <donna74128@...>
      >> If it is Windows then why wasn't Gmail attacked too?!?
      > Read the comments to that article, there is talk about cracked Gmail
      > accounts too. I saw AOL and Hotmail/MSN/live.com.
      >> As for me I have never had a problem with my Gmail.
      > I never had this problem with my yahooMail mailbox. So?
      >> My Yahoo account has been the issue!! So as for me I do blame Yahoo
      > Yeah, it's easier to blame somebody than to switch to a free
      > operating system on the same computer.
      >>>> http://thenextweb.com/insider/2013/03/06/despite-its-efforts-to-fix-vulnerabilities-yahoos-mail-users-continue-reporting-hacking-incidents/?fromcat=all
      >>>> This is interesting. Yahoo has plugged a couple of holes but
      >>>> it is not enough.
      >>> yahoo cannot plug holes in Windows, antiviruses, browsers and their plugins
      >>> (Java, Acrobat, Flash). I replied (thrice now) in comments to that
      >>> article - search for my name Lena
      >>>> Yahoo email is still vulnerable.
      >>> Windows (in yahoo users' computers) is vulrerable perpetually.
      >>> It's just easier to blame yahoo.
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