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24554Re: [Y-Mail] Despite its efforts to fix vulnerabilities, Yahoo???s Mail users continue reporting hacking incidents - The Next Web

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  • Donna Lee
    Mar 10, 2013
      I used to have a seal but it keeps disappearing so I gave up on uploading a picture. 

      I do not have a key logger for my security system would find it. The both times that I got hacked my system was clean so I see that someone hacked into my Yahoo account both times. There is a new setting that I applied that keeps Internet cafe from getting in my account. I do not know if that will help but I hope so. So far so good. It has been three months since being hacked so I hope blocking an Internet cafe user has helped. 

      Donna Ford Lee  ♂+♀=♡
      Tulsa, OK 

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      On Mar 9, 2013, at 5:27 PM, Bruce Lund <bruceedwardlund@...> wrote:

      We don't yet know whether this is a Yahoo problem, although my email got hacked, too, about a month ago. You made an interesting comment that you never sign out of Gmail. If whatever is causing the problem is some sort of keylogger program, if you never type in your Gmail password, it can never capture it.

      It would be nice to know how the hackers are accessing accounts. Is it a worm getting into users' computers? Have they compromised Yahoo's computers? Have hackers managed to redirect Yahoo's users? We may never find out, but I would guess Yahoo is throwing a lot of resources at it. A FB friend said she put a seal on her sign in page and that she has not had a problem since.

      Bruce Lund
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