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  • Angelene
    Mar 3, 2013
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      I lost 15 years of emails, photos and memories yesterday morning as it seems have some of you. I immediately requested a restore at 930 am EST yesterday. I received an automated message a few hours ago stating the following:::
      This is an automated response**

      We have attempted to restore your mailbox using the information that you provided. If some of the emails were not restored, it is because they were not available in the snapshot used.

      After we received your request, we looked for a copy of what your Yahoo! Mail account looked like at a specific point in time just prior to your requested restore time. Your entire mailbox (including your Inbox and other folders) will look exactly like it did at the time the snapshot was taken.

      Since we are only able to restore your entire mailbox, there are some limitations to what we are able to do when restoring:

      - We cannot restore any specific message(s) or folder(s).

      - We cannot restore any message(s) lost while composing.

      - We cannot undo this restoration or restore messages lost because of this restoration.

      - Emails received after the recovery date will no longer be available.

      **Please do not reply to this email, as no one will receive your message.**

      Nothing has changed in my email. It's still only the emails from yesterday morning on. I don't know if the automatic message went out before it was done or after, or if they are so backed up it will take hours to restore. I'm starting to stress now. I have requested another restore, but who knows???

      Anyone else???
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