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24398Re: [Y-Mail] Account blocked

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  • Donna Lee
    Feb 10, 2013
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      I had to give Yahoo and Gmail my cell number in order to use the email program on my iPhone.  It has not added any extra calls for me. 

      Donna Ford Lee  ♂+♀=♡
      Tulsa, OK 

      Don't cry because it's over, 
      smile because it happened. 

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      On Feb 10, 2013, at 11:36 AM, Nancy J <ordinaryfoolisnj@...> wrote:

      Regarding this topic and Shal's response:

      > do you think it is truly helpful if yahoo ( or gmail) have your cell
      > number to cross reference with ?

      Yes. If anyone changes my password I'll get a text message, and an opportunity to take control back.

      I also use it for second sign-in verification, which is a pretty strong protection against a stolen password.For me personally,

      Shal makes a good point.  I rarely respond - but I feel strongly about this - since I get asked for my phone number when signing into Google - or now - I was asked at least once by Yahoo.

      I don't give my cell phone number easily to anyone - even those that I know personally due to the nature of my business (and the fact that some people will call day and night - and DO).  Although, realistically - its already on the internet - but I see no need to put it out there again and again - unless I'm forced.

      I prefer email for communications and backup verification for most purposes.  Both Google and Yahoo have a secondary email for me, but I still see the request for my phone number - which I do not give (Google keeps asking - perhaps I'm rushing when I sign in and don't see the "don't ask me again" button).  Since Yahoo and Google do have secondary good working emails for me -  I don't understand why they need my phone number also.  But, it may be good for some - like Shal - who like getting a text.  But, for me - just use the good, working secondary email that they already have.

       Thanks for reading (hopefully Yahoo is reading also).

      Nancy J

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