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24395Re: [Y-Mail] Account blocked

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  • Nancy J
    Feb 10, 2013
      Regarding this topic and Shal's response:

      > do you think it is truly helpful if yahoo ( or gmail) have your cell
      > number to cross reference with ?

      Yes. If anyone changes my password I'll get a text message, and an opportunity to take control back.

      I also use it for second sign-in verification, which is a pretty strong protection against a stolen password.For me personally,

      Shal makes a good point.  I rarely respond - but I feel strongly about this - since I get asked for my phone number when signing into Google - or now - I was asked at least once by Yahoo.

      I don't give my cell phone number easily to anyone - even those that I know personally due to the nature of my business (and the fact that some people will call day and night - and DO).  Although, realistically - its already on the internet - but I see no need to put it out there again and again - unless I'm forced.

      I prefer email for communications and backup verification for most purposes.  Both Google and Yahoo have a secondary email for me, but I still see the request for my phone number - which I do not give (Google keeps asking - perhaps I'm rushing when I sign in and don't see the "don't ask me again" button).  Since Yahoo and Google do have secondary good working emails for me -  I don't understand why they need my phone number also.  But, it may be good for some - like Shal - who like getting a text.  But, for me - just use the good, working secondary email that they already have.

       Thanks for reading (hopefully Yahoo is reading also).

      Nancy J

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