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24394Re: [Y-Mail] Account blocked

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  • lena_kiev
    Feb 9, 2013
      > From: adeomus ******** <carpediemadeomus@...>
      > do you think it is truly helpful if yahoo ( or gmail) have your
      > cell number to cross reference with ?
      > is it not just a way for a hacker to get your cell number too ?

      You cannot set up "second sign-in verification" without cell number.
      The "second sign-in verification" is designed to prevent felons from
      using password stolen from you for access to your account and spam.
      yahoo cannot prevent stealing passwords with Windows drive-by downloads,
      but tries to block using stolen yahoo passwords.

      A felon can steal your password. In order to know your cell number,
      the felon needs to Sign In first. But "second sign-in verification"
      is designed to prevent that. Whether it works for every way of Signing In
      requires checking. I cannot check myself alone because yahoo accepts
      cell numbers only in 14 countries, mine isn't in the list.
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