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24392Re: [Y-Mail] Re: PLEASE .. how do I get-OUT of this new yahoo-email ....

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  • adeomus ********
    Feb 9, 2013

      i feel the same way....yahoo classic is perfect.
      one day people will learn to appreciate streamlined.

      ..But magic has a habit of lying low, 
      like a rake in the grass.

      ~Terry Pratchett

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      Subject: Re: [Y-Mail] Re: PLEASE .. how do I get-OUT of this new yahoo-email ....
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      This is a "classic" (pun not intended) way of re-inventing the wheel (at the moment YAHOO has rolled out an OVAL one so that they can still maintain that is is "round".. I was so happy with the consistency of classic mail albeit with fewer "bells and whistles" that I don't use anyway and then BANG! comes their so called upgrades and as a result, I couldn't move or delete my mails and now I couldn't even login. It's been 3 months going on to 4 already and I can't access some very important information I saved in one of my YAHOO mailboxes. I have switched to Gmail because YAHOO! or not, my business has to go on...

      On Thu, Feb 7, 2013 at 11:40 PM, karenborga@... <karenborga@...> wrote:

      At this point, Yahoo mail on my cell phone is much better than on a Computer.

      I get so aggravated just trying to type a message on the computer.
      I can't even FORCE the font to stay the same size..Yahoo decides what size the next line should be.

      I have notes to send after a chat or a conference call. The formatting requested by the chairperson is very specific.
      Forget color coding.

      Yahoo decides a back space means change the prior line to match the next line.
      My reds turn black, my blacks turn red.

      Correcting all of this involves cutting, pasting to a WORD doc and then pasting back again.

      So much time wasted.
      For formatting, Gmail is even worse for me.


      *** ***

      Obviously, Yahoo is doing away with classic. It's more cost effective to maintain just 1 interface, so those who are still using classic will eventually be faced with a choice.... Either put up with it, or switch to another provider. I see that some have migrated elsewhere, & that could be a growing trend if not already. Yahoo needs to improve the features if they want to keep users, lure back old ones who left, & gain new ones!

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