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24391Re: [Y-Mail] Account blocked

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  • adeomus ********
    Feb 9, 2013

      do you think it is truly helpful if yahoo ( or gmail) have your cell number to cross reference with ?
      is it not just a way for a hacker to get your cell number too ?

      as well, do you think it's helpful to give yahoo other email addresses with which to cross reference in order to facilitate retrieving your email access ?


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      It sounds like your account was hacked. You should try contacting Yahoo's security department, & be sure to tell them you can't remember your secret answer. I hope they can help you!



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      Hello to everyone.

      My name is Ignacio, photographer, and I live in Valencia, Spain.

      Recently, I returned from a work trip in Afghanistan; while there, I used without problems my yahoo mail and my flickr accounts.

      Once returned home, the forst time that i tried to log in, I found that my spanish yahoo account had been transfered to yahoo taiwan.

      Now I can not acces to it because they are asking me to introduce a secret answer that I can not remember so my account is blocked... I tried to contact with Yahoo Spain and Yahoo central several times but they always suggest me to send a mail to Yahoo Taiwan Help center, using a link that they provide me; but the problem is that the link goes to a page that is written in chinese so it is not possible for me to send the mail asking for their help.

      My Flickr account is linked to Getty Images so I need it to be in contact with them for bussines purposes.

      I know that the problem is my bad memory; this is not a Yahoo fault, it is my fault.

      Bur I can not understand why Yahoo can not provide me a taiwanese mail POC (english speaker) to solve this issue.

      Please, does any of you know how to solve this problem? Any suggestion will be more than welcome.

      Best regards.

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