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24369Re: Re: [Y-Mail] cursor problem--help!

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  • kathanbo@yahoo.com
    Feb 6, 2013
      Thank you!

      From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.

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      From : Cindy Cozad-Rudinger
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      Subject : Re: [Y-Mail] cursor problem--help!

      I've had this problem before. There are a couple things to check. First and foremost, clear your cache. This might solve it for you. Another issue, if you are using a laptop, is that you might need to replace your keyboard. This is not expensive and is something you can do yourself, since the keyboard manufacturers have instructional videos online. But start out by clearing the cache completely.  Good luck!

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      --- On Tue, 2/5/13, K <kathanbo@...> wrote:

      Could someone please help me correct the following problem.  It started only several days ago and is giving me fits.  The cursor is jumping up to the Yahoo Search bar when I try and write an email.  I have to keep closing the email and going back in and trying again.  It often takes me six or seven tries before I am successful.  It takes me ten minutes to send one email.  I am ready to switch email providers.  Help!!!!!

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