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24308Re: Compose, Reply and Send Buttons do not appear on Yahoo Mail

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  • NancyJ
    Jan 16, 2013
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      Everything wrong with the new yahoo mail is "the browser's fault" so there you have it.

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "Eileen" wrote:
      > On Monday 14th Jan, my Compose, Reply and Send buttons disappeared from Yahoo Mail and it looks different. When I contacted Technical Support, they emailed me and told me that I must have made changes or must have an unsupported browser, which is rubbish because I have had no problems up to then and had not made any changes or had any updates over the weekend.
      > Since this problem began, I have tried Yahoo on a number of different computers, browsers and operating systems and the problem is exactly the same, so it is not related specifically to my computer. Neither had I made any changes since the last time it was working properly - I have told them this on a number of occasions over the past two days but they just send me fix-it emails, which is very frustrating since it is a coding problem on Yahoo's side.
      > Exactly the same problem has happened to numerous Yahoo customers around the world and it is related to a change which Yahoo itself made to the coding. Earlier instances of the problem were reported to have been solved by Yahoo in other locations where the problem occurred. There was an announcement in December 2012 in which Yahoo said they were rolling out new improvements to Yahoo mail, so this problem is obviously related to this.
      > Is anyone else experiencing problems like with their Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Technical Service?
      > Eileen
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