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  • Kenneth
    Oct 16, 2012

      I tried out the Unsubscriber folder an on advertisement email that I
      didn't really need to keep getting. I received an unsubscribe request
      confirmation email from OtherInbox for that sender. Embedded in their
      email was a link just in case I needed to undo this unsubscribe request.
      Unfortunately the link was only good for undoing the unsubscribe for
      that particular sender. I was hoping for some management page so that I
      could get a list of senders and manage them all.

      So if you can find the unsubscribe request email that you received for
      your co-workers request, you should be able to click on that link to
      undo the action. Good luck.


      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "Kenneth" <justkenneth@...> wrote:
      > --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "Brian" brianeliasek@ wrote:
      > >
      > > No, I have an actual "unsubscribe folder" that was provided by Yahoo
      > to help control unwanted emails. It basically takes spam that gets
      > through and dumps it into this folder, however I do not know how to
      > reverse the action...I.E. I need to have my "unsubscribe" folder not
      > recognize my co-workers email address and just let it go to my
      > Does this help?
      > >
      > Are you talking about the Unsubscriber mail app? I've never used it
      > but I went ahead and installed it just now to see if there was any
      > that would help you with your problem.
      > I received an email from OtherInbox that described how my new
      > unsubscribe folder works:
      > --------------------------
      > Your Unsubscribe folder is the simplest way to stop emails you don't
      > want. Just move unwanted messages to the Unsubscribe folder and we'll
      > take care of the rest. It's a satisfying way to simplify your inbox.
      > When you move an email to the Unsubscribe folder, we notify the sender
      > that you want to be removed from their list.
      > You don't have to answer any questions or remember your password. Once
      > the email is in your Unsubscribe folder, you're done!
      > Important tip: You might be tempted to move email from the Spam
      > to your new Unsubscribe folder �" in a word, don't. Email in
      > Spam folder is exactly where it needs to be. The Unsubscribe folder
      > for email that has reached your inbox that you no longer want to
      > receive. Anytime you move an email out of your Spam folder, your
      > service thinks it made a mistake and you do want to receive those
      > emails, which is definitely not your intention. So, leave spam where
      > is and only use the Unsubscribe folder for emails in your inbox.
      > --------------------------
      > So I gather that at some point you moved an email from your coworker
      > into the unsubscribe folder and now everything from that coworker is
      > getting placed there. I still see that move from the unsubscribe
      > folder to inbox is available so you could move them back to the inbox
      > as they arrive. I'm not sure if you can reset Unsubscriber to stop
      > taking that action for that sender though. You might just have to
      > remove the application.
      > Kenneth
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