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23868Re: [Y-Mail] Re: No calendar tab yet

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  • Lorrie
    Oct 8 8:46 PM
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      No I did not mean we should not use the technology of today.  What I meant was that worrying about whether the calendar works properly is really not much to have a fit about.  It will eventually work, till then we just need patience.  It is not worth running down Yahoo or any service and not worth getting sick about.


      Lorries Green World
      Thompson, Manitoba, Canada

      --- On Mon, 10/8/12, Henrique Junior <henriquecsj@...> wrote:


      Lorrie, and why people shoul keep doing things in the same ways as before the computers and the internet? I don't get your poiut here. It seems to me that you are suggesting that people should not use the technological resources we have available today just because we have things that worked in the past. Following this reasoning, why wait in lines at the airport if before the airplane people traveled by train? Why travel by train if before people traveled on horseback?
      Nowadays, nobody will keep a paper calendar in the bag if it's much simpler to have some kind of computer at hand.
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