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  • Lorrie
    Oct 7, 2012
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      And I ask again, what did people do before computers and the Internet??


      Lorries Green World
      Thompson, Manitoba, Canada
       On 10/07/2012 04:15 PM, justkenneth wrote:

      Silk and Sassafrass,

      I'll try to explain the importance of the calendar stuff.

      An online calendar is not a substitute for a wall calendar. It's not about just being able to look online at the current month to see what the date is or being able to look ahead to see what day of the week someone's birthday falls on. Rather, an online calendar is a utility which helps us schedule and keep track of our appointments and events.

      For example, my wife and I have five children. Three of our children are working. Neither my wife nor our three working children have regular 9 to 5 jobs. Their work schedule varies from week to week, including what days of the week they work, what hours they work, and what location they'll be reporting to when they work. In addition, my wife and two of my children are attending college and their class schedules are all different. My youngest son, who isn't working, also has events that need tracking. He is in band in high school which requires attending various sporting events and also attending various parades. He also has religious education classes he needs to attend.

      Because our family is so busy with different schedules for different activities for different people, we have a lot of appointments and events that we need to track. A wall calendar would be useless for this, not only because there wouldn't be enough room for everything but also because it would be stuck on a wall somewhere and not available when people are in different locations and need to check something. Keep in mind too that schedules are always getting adjusted as some appointments get canceled and others take their place. Even if we could fit everything on a wall calendar using pencil and eraser or sticky notes, it would be difficult to filter through everything on there to see what someone's work schedule is for the next week.

      With an online calendar utility, you can actually create separate schedules for each person to display on the calendar. You can even create separate schedules for each person's different activitiy types. I have separate schedules for each persons work schedule and school schedule. If I need to know what my wife's work schedule is, I can click an option to display just that schedule so that it's easy to view without the clutter of all the other events. If I need to know what my son's band schedule, I can select to view just that. Also, reminders can be sent prior to each event by email or text message. Also, the calendar is accessible from any computer or by phone.

      A wall calendar with sticky notes may be sufficient for some people though I expect even they could benefit from an online calendar with reminders. But for some families a wall calendar just won't work.


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