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23489Re: [Y-Mail] Re: [OFF-TOPIC] - AOL Mail has a new look and new features

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  • Henrique Junior
    Aug 7, 2012
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      Agree with both of you. By the way, is any of you using the New Calendar in a tab? Nothing here yet.
      To be fair I have to give Yahoo Mail some credit, I  have accounts in Outlook, GMail and AOL, but I still believe that Yahoo Mail provides the most intuitive and smart interface.
      Outlook have refreshed the look of Hotmail, but, in fact, there is no new features. It is a mess to find messages and the creation of really good filters is a pain (filters created using right click are really limited with dumb choices and you have to go to Options if you want better filters).
      GMail is fast with some powerful options but it does not allow you to "sort" your messages the way you want. What if I want to sort my messages by sender, or by subject? It always annoys me when I have to go to an old message (lets say, 2 years ago) and I'm obliged to navigate through infinite "previous" pages. GMail is, also terrible while showing messages with more than 12 images attached.
      Yahoo Mail is, by far, the better choice to find a message in a quick and modular way, it is the best to store (and see) pictures and is easy to find any attachment you want. I'm using the "All my Purchases" app for the first time and it is quite impressive (really works).

      Henrique "LonelySpooky" Junior

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      Very true.
      Especially as Yahoo is fighting an uphill battle against Outlook & Gmail – both offer reasonably integrated calendar, Office/Google docs & cloud storage services. There needs to be a pretty good reason for people to stick with Yahoo to offset probable gain in communication efficiency you get with the other services. For the moment, it’s probably either a)”I’m quite happy with what I’ve got as it suits my needs” – which is completely understandable and correct attitude or b) “I wish I could switch but the effort of changing my email address for the world is not worth it” – also understandable and currently Yahoo mail’s main defence for now. However, at the moment, Yahoo Mail doesn’t offer anything so compelling that someone looking to open a new account would choose that over another service.
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      So Gmail Chat upgraded, AOL upgraded, Hotmail vaslty upgraded to Outlook.com ... Meanwhile Yahoo! users have been waiting for over year for a small calendar update...
      M.Mayer had better invest massively in email development...

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