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23177Re: [Y-Mail] Impressions about the new 'What's New' Tab

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  • Henrique Junior
    May 31, 2012
      Em Qui, 2012-05-31 às 01:38 -0700, G Pollara escreveu:
      > very interesting and useful feedback. I still don't have this feature,
      > so i'm guessing they're still testing it out. I like the idea of
      > integrating features from th elong forgotten My Yahoo, but I suspect
      > this is another product where they made a great start and then let
      > fade away as others overtook.
      > The contacts integration and their social history (via facebook?) idea
      > is also very nice.

      I had sent 3 screenshots, but something went wrong. Here are the links
      to the images on Flickr.

      [1] - What's new in All-New - http://goo.gl/8J6UU
      [2] - Current What's New - http://goo.gl/K9qIA
      [3] - Next What's New - http://goo.gl/1Zvxp

      If you take a look at this screenshots you'll see that the most
      organized and consistent layout is, still, in [1]. It is easier to read
      and a lot less confusing than [3].
      In fact, in [3] we have a lot of information compressed in this little
      boxes and we have to scroll in this tiny spaces to see more info (a bad
      experience if you are not using a tablet). Still in [3], you can see
      that I have 55 messages with attachments, but what is the point since I
      can't read the entire subject of the messages nor can I have a preview
      of what this attachments are.
      Henrique 'LonelySpooky' Junior
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