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23055Re: [Y-Mail] Continual Flash Crashes

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  • Shal Farley
    May 2, 2012

      > However the Flash add-on is continually crashing ending up with a
      > pixelated face with tabs and and upturned unhappy mouth. I am running
      > Win 7 on one laptop and XP on another. Both are equally affected.

      There have been some exploits of Adobe/Macromedia Flash, causing them to release some urgent updates. If you haven't already you should make sure you're running the most recent version.

      > Sometimes Yahoo mail just hangs completely for anything up to 30 minutes
      > whilst a script attempts to execute.

      A couple years ago there was a big scandal involving some major ad servers delivering ads that contained malware intended to install itself in user's computers. At that time I had symptoms like this, where Firefox would hang after I accessed a Yahoo Groups page or if I left a tab showing a Yahoo Groups page.

      I eventually got frustrated with this and installed ad-block plus. It took some trial and error to figure out which servers were delivering ads that hung my Firefox, but I eventually got them and haven't had a problem since.

      A lot of people block all ads, but I like ad-supported services like Yahoo, so I try not to punish well-behaved ads. That turns out to be an automatic feature of Adblock plus version 2 and newer -- wish that feature had been around back then!

      > Why on earth does Yahoo inflict this Flash junk on us?

      I imagine the advertisers demand it. They probably wouldn't pay anywhere near as much if limited to a plain text or flat image banner ad.

      -- Shal
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