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22990Re: [Y-Mail] Blake Irving, Head of Products, is leaving Yahoo

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  • Sasafrass452
    Apr 10, 2012
      I think that's the very reason 2,000 employees were shown the door.... Perhaps with new people on board, we'll see some real improvements.

      On 04/10/2012 04:45 AM, G Pollara wrote:  
      Doesn't sound hopeful does it?

      He certainly talked a good game, but with little emphasis ever on Yahoo Mail or developing it as a product. I suspect his resignation is as much a political move as anything (i.e. objected to job cuts). What's more worrying is the staff at yahoo mail. Some may lose their jobs, which is sad for them and probably hampers development on the platform.

      Incidentally, what was the last significant feature update we had? It's all gone very stagnant unfortunately.

      In my mind, sadly, yahoo mail has become a reliable place to store emails and that's it. The development drive to create potential new features and services went long ago. All perfectly adequate, but sadly not exciting. Plus subscription will not be renewed this year (well, until perhaps I get too annoyed with the adverts!)

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      " It's unclear how the products group headed by Irving will fit into the company's new framework, which the company has indicated will be based around three main businesses: core media and communications, platforms and data."

      Does anyone care to speculate what that means to YMail?

      I'm having a bad feeling.

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