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22341Re: [Y-Mail] ATT.net and Bellsouth.net users

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  • Rae
    Nov 30, 2011
      Karin, I am on one of AT&T's isp's and have been forced to change over. Would like to be able to go back to the old 'new' but cannot. 

      From: Karin Corbeil <kvictoria@...>

      I don't know if anybody can answer this but here goes....

      My ISP is AT&T DSL. So I have an att.net and a bellsouth.net main email
      address. A couple of years ago, ATT made a deal with Yahoo who now
      provide the servers for webmail accounts at ATT and Bellsouth.

      The platform is either "Classic" or (as I call it) the "old 'New' Yahoo
      mail". No upgrade presently available (yet?) to the new platform we're
      currently being "forced" to use with a Yahoo email address....which is
      fine with me because I like the "Old 'New' Yahoo mail".

      Can anyone tell me if ATT and Bellsouth email customers will be "forced"
      to migrate to the new platform eventually?



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