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20489Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Is Neo ready to leave beta?

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  • G Pollara
    Apr 11, 2011
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      Sorry, wasn't having a moan about lack of yahoo input into group, it's just good when it comes.

      Disappointed .. ummm ... perhaps a bit but equally happy - if what we wanted was a snappier email program that works well also has well integrated social features, then yahoo has nearly got there. However, if we were hoping for a game changer that would make people turn heads and come to yahoo from another email program (in the way GMail did when it first arrived), then I'm not sure we have it.

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      Subject: [Y-Mail] Re: Is Neo ready to leave beta?


      There are actually people from the Mail team who subscribe and/or read this group and sometimes reply to requests. Granted this is not done on a regular basis but in the end this is not a Yahoo-owned community, just a user group.

      As for Neo.. well. i did expect more. I mean we've reached the point where going all social simply is not the way to go...; and well to be honest, the twitter/ Facebook integration has returned several connection failures... What I believe Yahoo might fail to understand in some way is that A LOT of people actually do care about real features. This is why Gmail keeps growing. There is tons of inspiration to create a truly good product

      I myself would have love to see some voice/video features for Yahoo Mail messenger or some sort of Google Voice competitor
      At least more interesting third party apps
      I guess I was too ambitious

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