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20273Re: [Y-Mail] Need app ideas for Yahoo! Mail, let it roll !!!

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  • G Pollara
    Mar 7, 2011
      First of all - hurrah that finally yahoo has seen the potential benefits of their applications platform, and are prepared to advertise it hard - presumably the new beta has made this technically much easier behind the scenes. Also pleased that they are now flagging up the potential commercial prospects with deals, etc...  That should hopefully encourage developers to produce something - with so many potential eyes on yahoo mail, there must be something there.
      Personally, the key is to produce something that integrates into yahoo mail rather than just added on. A standalone app not that more useful than opening a separate tab in your browser. For example - the zumodrive app is great, but no different to opening the zumodrive website. However, if there was a way to save attachments directly onto your virtual drive into the folder you want, now you're talking... As for zumodrive vs dropbox, I don't use the latter as zumodrive works ok for me at present, but a better dropbox integration in the way I mentioned above, would certainly make me switch.
      The other thing I thought would be good would be an office app integration (I know I've mentione this before) - but what about say attachments opening in a separate tab in yahoo mail using zoho office or microsoft web office? (suspect google docs won't let you, and incidentally, zoho is better i think).
      Also a genuine calendar integration with dates being detected in emails and added in calendar coming up in a separate tab, would be good.
      I'll put my thinking cap on and come up with a few more ideas. Really hope this generates something. The potential to make yahoo mail a personal experience is a great one. And the optionality of it (real word?) means that those that don't want any changes to their yahoo mail, would still see the basic interface that just works.

      From: GuillaumeB <guillaume@...>
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      Sent: Mon, 7 March, 2011 14:55:32
      Subject: [Y-Mail] Need app ideas for Yahoo! Mail, let it roll !!!


      A new post suggest that Yahoo! Mail is looking for more developer on the Yahoo! Mail application ecosystem (http://is.gd/SYMM7o)

      You are encouraged to share your ideas so I suggest that you post over here your ideas and we can send them back to them. Let's at least try to see if some of them come to life.

      As for me :

      - A search assistant for attchment. Something as powerful as Gmail but made for everyone (concept : http://is.gd/xjI7k3)
      This could be done by a better integration of Xoopit which, dont ask me why, is now limited to photos and fails to load properly (http://vimeo.com/17038013)

      - An archive page gathering ymessage, IM conversation, appointment, task or notes that you have been doing on a given day (concept : http://is.gd/g3X1QF)

      - Zumodrive ? seriously I need Dropbox in here !!

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