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20050Email account compromised- all files deleted

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  • kenmorrison12
    Jan 5, 2011
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      Yesterday when I logged into my yahoo.com account all my inbox, sent and contacts folders were empty- gone!!! A few hours later all my contacts received the following

      Please respond it's very urgent
      Kenneth Morrison <kenmorrison12@...> [Chat now]
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      It’s me, Ken, I really don't mean to inconvenience you right now, I made a little trip to UK and I misplaced my luggage that contains my passport and credit cards, I know this may sound odd, but it all happened very fast. I need to get a new passport and a ticket, but I'm short of funds to pay for my ticket and other miscellaneous expense. Please, can you lend me some funds to get a ticket? I'll be willing to pay back as soon as I get home.

      Please respond as soon as you get this message, so I can forward you my details to send the funds to me, OR you can drop a message via the hotel's desk phone if you can. The numbers are, +447024035615.

      I await your response
      Kenneth Morrison
      Some people actually responded to this, but that is their affair What is yahoo going to do about this I can't contact them just help ,pages
      I'm worried someone has access to all my emails???
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