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20038Yahoo's Mail Search - not working??

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  • babbvt
    Dec 29, 2010
      A bit over three years ago I'd been here with an apparently short-term itch about 'Search'. It sure didn't last long, and might have been due to my own lack of observational power. I'd wailed that til then 'Yahoo Mail Search 'had never let me down'.
      Welll, I should have been counting my blessings, because this time, For me, Mail Search has been 'down' for over a week!! I've been told the issue is not widespread, and that other users are having similar problems, that the 'engineers' have identified the problem, and are work on designing a fix.
      However, so far I've not heard from anyone else, with a Yahoo address, who is experiencing any problem.
      Has anyone here had any trouble retrieving email?
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