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19944Fw: Other (KMM173841486V4521L0KM) - The Unfiled Contacts Saga part 2

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  • Paula McCartney
    Dec 7, 2010
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      Here's the response I received after I reported that all my contacts suddenly went "unfiled" one morning.  I mentioned it in here, after I had recategorized them all, and was asked to report it to Yahoo.  So I did.

      Did she even READ the issue?  Is this a canned response?  I mean, seriously.  The web browser caused Yahoo to unfile all my contacts? 

      And I certainly hope she WASN'T able to repeat the issue - I spent hours re-categorizing all my contacts after they somehow went unfiled.  I certainly wouldn't want that repeated.

      In His Grip,
      Paula McCartney

      "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."  2 Timothy 1:7

      ----- Forwarded Message ----
      From: Yahoo! Address Book <address-book-feedback@...-inc.com>
      To: paula.mccartney@...
      Sent: Tue, December 7, 2010 12:10:59 PM
      Subject: Re: Other (KMM173841486V4521L0KM)


      Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Address Book.

      Before I go into addressing your concern, I'd like to first apologize
      for the delay in my responding to your inquiry. We are committed to
      answering your questions as quickly and accurately as possible. However,
      we are currently receiving unusually high volumes which caused the
      delayed response.

      I recognize that you are contacting us to report that you has trouble
      with your Yahoo! Contacts recently.

      I have checked your account, and it was unable to replicate the concern.
      Since I was unable to replicate, I believe the issue may have been
      transient. The symptoms may have possibly been caused by our system, by
      your Web browser, or a network-related issue between your ISP and our

      If you continue to experience the issue, please reply with the following

      1. Detailed steps you took leading up to the error.

      2. Describe how often the error occurs.

      3. The exact text of any error messages you receive.

      This information will help me better assess and provide a solution.
      Please be sure to let us know if you have any further concerns. We would
      be happy to help.

      Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Address Book.



      Yahoo! Address Book Customer Care
      Address Book E2Y

      For assistance with all Yahoo! services, please visit:


      New and Improved Yahoo! Mail - better than ever!

      Upgrade to a Safer Version of Internet Explorer 8

      Download Now

      Original Message Follows:

      >>REDFRMCON Case ID: 88582472 Mail Premium Candygram


      1.  What is your name and Yahoo! ID?

            Yahoo! ID: paulabbc

      2.  What is your email address?
            Email Address: paula.mccartney@...

      3.  Issue Type
            Issue Type: Other

            How often this occurs: Once

            If you had browser related issues, did you try clearing your
      cookies and cache yet?: Yes

      4.  What country is your Yahoo! content or language preference?
            Country: Yahoo! US - English

      5.  Describe your problem:
            On Sunday afternoon, all my Contacts became Unfiled.  When I left
      for church that morning, all 1100+ were all categorized.  I spent hours
      re-categorizing them.

      Then, of course, you had your outage Monday morning.  However, the
      missing categories occurred before the Connection Refused error I
      received on Monday morning.

      This was discussed in the Yahoo Groups Mail Group, and one of the Yahoo
      techs that frequents the group said to report the missing category
      issue.  It happened to someone else on the group, as well.

      6.  Provide your computer system information.
            Email Client:

            Other Client:

            Operating System: Windows 7

            Type of Browser: Firefox 3.6

            Internet Service Provider (i.e.: Comcast, Verizon): Sudden Link

            What type and version of Anti-Virus software are you using? (e.g.
      Norton 360 Version 4.0): McAfee Security Suite

            What firewall do you have enabled?: The firewall that came with my
      Anti-Virus software

      "Information Passed In":
      "from_url" :
      "last_url" :

      While Viewing:

      Last URL: http://us.mg1.mail.yahoo.com/dc/blank.html

      Form Name: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/yahoomail/help_p.html

      Yahoo ID: paulabbc : Yahoo id from cookie

      Other ID:

      Machine: PC

      OS: Win7

      Browser: Firefox 3.6


      REMOTE_HOST: 50-15-135-203.hou.clearwire-wmx.net

      Date Originated: Wednesday November 17, 2010 - 07:15:49

      Cookies: enabled

      AOL: no


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