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19538Re: [Y-Mail] RE:Will Yahoo Groups Remodel impact Yahoo Mail usage?

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  • Shal Farley
    Oct 2, 2010
      Teach me to presume anything...

      A quick review of the last three months indicates that 307 of 694 posts, from 108 of 186 members used the Groups Message Poster. So, something like half.

      Now I suppose I shouldn't presume that people who post from the group's pages also read from the groups pages. Nor does this tell me anything about the 5000 or so lurkers...

      But there you have it.

      -- Shal

      I wrote:
      >Presumably most members here interact with the group (read and
      >post messages) via Yahoo Mail rather than via the group's
      >Messages section. If I'm right about that then the remodel is
      >not mission-critical to this group and its members.
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