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19528Re: [Y-Mail] RE:Will Yahoo Groups Remodel impact Yahoo Mail usage?

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  • Shal Farley
    Sep 30 10:06 PM
      Hi guillaume,

      >Though off-topic this indeed is a topic to be discuss and I want
      >to receive as many feedbacks as possible from people either
      >hating or loving this new group experience

      I've enjoyed having this group as an example of the new format, and am glad they haven't (yet?) reverted it.

      In an odd way, though off-topic, I think it is rather fitting that this group be a test of the new groups format. Presumably most members here interact with the group (read and post messages) via Yahoo Mail rather than via the group's Messages section. If I'm right about that then the remodel is not mission-critical to this group and its members.

      -- Shal
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