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19445Re: [Y-Mail] OT : The new Y! Groups looks great to me

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  • The Old Sled Shed
    Sep 13, 2010
      Hi Shal:

      Indeed, many Y!G owners & moderators are less than impressed. While some are simply ranting about 'change' period, others have posted very insightful and valid observations in Layla's sticky thread: <http://suggestions.yahoo.com/detail/?prop=groups&fid=210745>. In essence, the F/B-mimicking social functionality focus of the new design doesn't work well with many single-topic and/or sensitive-material Groups. One can only hope that Yahoo recognizes the multitude of uses to which Y!Groups are put and restores any lost functionality. [Note: For those with e-mail delivery of Y!G posts, there is no change.]

      So far, the best response I've read is the letter by Deborah Terreson: <http://www.ygroupsblog.com/blog/?p=807#comment-278546>.

      ** ttfn, The Old Sled Shed **
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      > 2d. Re: OT : The new Y! Groups looks great to me
      >     Posted by: "Shal Farley" shalf@... shalfarley
      >     Date: Sun Sep 12, 2010 1:31 pm ((PDT))
      > GuillaumeB,
      > > Can't wait to activate this update over here :) Not
      > > sure why It was largely turned down by users...
      > That's easy to explain: its Messages section is a
      > substantial downgrade in functionality from the prior
      > implementation. Yeah, there's a bunch of blather about the
      > home page changes, but for me the real issues revolve around
      > core functionality.
      > They've already fixed (in between the first and second
      > rollout) the loss of formatted text display in the Messages
      > archive (messages with text/HTML were showing only plain
      > text).
      > They're committed to fix the loss of the ability to have an
      > on list reply directed to the sender rather than to the
      > group. They'll do this before they switch any groups which
      > have that as the default behavior.
      > They've identified as a bug due to be fixed "soon" the
      > failure to 'linkify' URLs displayed in plain text messages.
      > They haven't commented on the related bug that causes URLs
      > delimited by angle brackets to disappear entirely from plain
      > text message bodies.
      > Lena, a knowledgeable and helpful member of some of the
      > groups about groups, has chronicled many more:
      > http://www.ygroupsblog.com/blog/?p=807#comment-278516
      > -- Shal
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