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19432Re: [Y-Mail] Re: WSJ mentions next-gen Y!Mail

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  • Ryan Lee
    Sep 11, 2010
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      My relatives and friends in Asia informed me that MSN/Hotmail/Messenger are huge over there because:

      1) they come installed with every PC and a lot of people don't know how or don't care to change the default services (or seek out others).

      2) In a lot of companies, the IT departments are strict and don't allow users to install things on their PC.  So they can only use MS apps at work.

      I am a little surprised that hotmail gained so much though.

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      In my experience in the UK, any professional who needs to set up a new email address, they choose gmail. It is frankly perceived to be the work orientated and serious email service. Perhaps it's the Google docs integration but personally I think it's all in brand perception. Hotmail may compete with integration with Office but yahoo is only used by those who setup an account many years ago. They may be happy with the current features and stay, but yahoo will have a hard time to persuade new users to sign up with them rather than Google. I think it's a shame as yahoo mail is still great, but it needs a new killer feature that improves on gmail to really turn heads.

      "GuillaumeB" <guillaume@...> wrote:

      >Hotmail and WIndows Live Messenger are actually very popular in France. Live Messenger is by far the most succeful of it kind in france. In fact we even use it at work. i'm not so suprised about Hotmail. What surprise me is that the service is gaining newcomers, that I honestly do not believe. i remember seeing data that stated precisely the opposite
      >--- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, Joseph Singer <weekilter@...> wrote:
      >> On Sep 11, 2010, at 05:37, GuillaumeB wrote:
      >> > Yahoo Mail is the No. 1 Web-based email service in the U.S. with 97 million unique visitors in Augustmore than Google's Gmail and Microsoft's Hotmail combined, according to research firm comScore Inc. But that figure is down from about 107 million visitors in August of last year.
      >> >
      >> > Worldwide, Microsoft still commands a large lead over Yahoo and Google with 355 million visitors in July, up 3% from the same period last year, according to comScore data. Yahoo had 281 million visitors in July, down 7% from a year earlier. Gmail is rising fast, growing by 22% to 185 million visitors in July.
      >> Odd that Microsoft is supposedly number one. I can only think of a handful of people that I know who use hotmail and even fewer than that who use the MSN service. Most everyone I know who doesn't use a regular ISP's email use either yahoo mail or gmail.
      >> If yahoo thinks that just cosmetic changes are going to bring people in rather than actually making a service that is actually useful and works they are deluding themselves. Gmail has chosen to innovate. What has yahoo done?
      >> All these entities (including Apple) think that chasing "social networking" will be their saviour will be disappointed I believe.
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      >> Joseph Singer
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