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19356Disposable Email Addresses (part 2)

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  • makc666
    Jul 30 1:25 AM
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      As "we" have fixed those bad things  in Yahoo Mail Plus! there are some things which still have to be sred out.

      1st, the most importand one - the number of  Disposable Email Addresses.

      After those bad changes "Changes to Yahoo! Mail Options: Disposable Email Addresses" it was limited to 500.

      We have already discussed this one in groups and there are peple who wants more or the limit has to be removed as it was before.

      We understand that the limit was introduced for some reason and we are ready to hear that reason.

      We ask to rise the limit not less than 2 times.

      2nd, the most little one - the height and width of the window with a list of Disposable Email Addresses.

      When you go to mail's Options in section "Disposable Email Addresses" there is a list of "Disposable Addresses: *** of 500 used".

      The window of that list is too small in height. Width is also not to big.

      We ask to make the windows of the list of "Disposable Addresses" much higher - not less than 3 times. Also make the width a ltiile bit more - two time will be enough.