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19217New Yahoo! Disposable Email Addresses - Issue #1

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  • makc666
    Jun 4, 2010
      Issue #1.1:
      In old disposable email address feature I had 355+ disposable email addresses.
      Each of them was set for the specific folder.

      Now Yahoo! tells me that in new disposable email address feature I have to use Filters.

      Tell me how I can set up Filters for 500 disposable email addresses if I only have 200 filters?

      Issue #1.2:
      The filters don't work for disposable email addresses if the original email has been forwarded to disposable email address.

      In other words.
      You have disposable email address qwerty-test@...
      You have email box qwerty@...
      To all email been send to qwerty@... you set FORWARD to disposable email address qwerty-test@...
      You create a filter for recipient qwerty-test@... and move to other folder.

      By Yahoo! idea this must works. But it doesn't works.
      Because email sent to box 'qwerty@...' has recipient 'qwerty@...'.
      And when the email is forwarded from 'qwerty@...' to disposable email address 'qwerty-test@...' the email will still have the recipient 'qwerty@...'.
      And the filter will not work.

      I don't speak about other cases when your emails for box 'qwerty@...' can be sent to undisclosed-recipients.
      Or when you are listed in BCC field and the "To:" has some other name (Spammers use this method).