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19098Re: Weird email from Yahoo about Yahoo Mail... What does this mean?

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  • sy1bzbn
    May 1, 2010
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      What Kenneth said is probably closest to what happened. My guess is that the old Add Account option only checks whether the entered ID can be validated. It did not account for the newly added ymail and rocketmail domains.

      For example, say you are the owner of abc@... and xyz@..., while xyz@... belongs to someone else. My guess is if you add a new account in your abc@...'s mail options to fetch mail from xyz@..., you may end up receiving mails from both xyz@... and xyz@....

      If that was the case, I know it sounded terrible but the real impact was probably very very small. I would not worry about it.

      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, Kenneth <postkenny-ygroups@...> wrote:
      > I don't believe they're talking about the disposable-email addresses. Those are only available to Mail Plus members anyway. I believe they're talking about the "extra" email address, an alias that everybody is able to create for their account, typically using the dot address format.
      > E.g., your email might be userid@..., but you can also create an alias such as firstname.lastname@..., if it's available. This feature has been around for a while.
      > What is being suggested by the Yahoo! announcement is that you could have also been receiving emails from firstname.lastname@... or some other country's domain, or perhaps one of the new Yahoo! domains like ymail.com or the resurrected rocketmail.com. I never observed this to be true and never thought to test it out, but apparently it's no longer possible anyway.
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