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18985Re: Incoming email being delayed or never arriving at all

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  • sarahksmom
    Mar 14, 2010
      --- In Y-Mail@yahoogroups.com, "Morac" <mjk4984@...> wrote:
      > For the most part, email I receive from people arrive pretty much instantly in my Yahoo Mail box. Lately there are some emails that are considerably delayed. These are mostly "registration emails" that are send to verify an email address when one registers with a web site.

      I've had a couple that just didn't show up period. I use mail2web.com to read my other accounts, but I've been trying to redirect personal mail to my yahoo account. So when someone writes to me at the other address, I change the Reply To: to my yahoo address and then BCC: [myself]@... to have a record of the outgoing mail in yahoo. Lately those BCC:s are not coming in. I have checked the spam folder. BTW, changing the Reply To: works fine.

      I haven't had delays or MIAs with registration sites, just the mail2web.com thingy. I have no idea what filters are in place on mail2web or my ISP.

      Both Yahoo and my ISP/mail2web have made things go poof recently.

      Miriam Solon
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