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18288Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Discontinued Addresses

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  • Abhishek Kumar
    Sep 5, 2009
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      Hi All,

      A Yahoo Id is not just a YMail Address. It is your identity for multiple other Y! produts. So, maybe in this case the user has been inactive on Y!Mail, leading to delivery failures for that account, but been using that ID for some other property, like messenger. Maybe that is what is preventing you to register that ID as Yahoo! as a whole is still considering that id as active even though Y!Mail in itself does not.

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      I have the same experiences as both kgcrafts and krazy4becky.  Like them, I've been monitoring a, seemingly, abandoned account  for years and it has to this day NOT become available. 

      However, I've noticed that accounts that have been properly closed, do become available after a certain amount of time. 

      I, myself, have a Yahoo-ID that I signed up for five years ago. Was never able to use the email but it works as an ID everywhere else. At one point I got stubborn an decided to sort it out once and for all with Yahoo. Really prepared myself to hold out, no matter what :)

      After 55 (fifty five !!!) email messages back and forth I gave up. It's still a lost case and they told me that ID will NEVER become available no matter what I do.

      On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 1:43 AM, Shal Farley <shalf@verizon. net> wrote:


      >For years I wanted that Yahoo ID (kgcrafts), but it was taken.
      >About every two weeks I would check the availability of it. Lo
      >and behold, about a year ago it was available and of course I
      >snatched it.

      Excellent, I stand corrected. So there may be some hope for krazy4becky after all.

      I wonder if the availability of a previously taken ID is strictly a hold time, or whether there are other factors (such as, how the ID was freed). For example, in Yahoo Groups a group name becomes immediately available if you rename the group, but is reserved for a long time (months) if you delete the group.

      -- Shal

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