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18281Re: [Y-Mail] Re: Discontinued Addresses

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  • Shal Farley
    Sep 3 10:25 AM

      > Perhaps the kgcrafts Yahoo ID
      wasn't the primary ID for that user's
      > account.
      > I know for a fact that the
      additional Yahoo! IDs, or aliases as they
      >  call them now, that I've created
      for a given primary account can be
      >  deleted and immediately become
      available to other users.

      Ah, interesting.

      That makes sense: the alias IDs do not have an associated email address (or profile) -- no reason to put a hold on them. A primary ID is generally also an email address, and there are sensible reasons for not letting someone have an old email address "too soon" -- it would come burdened with all the legit contacts and spammers the prior owner left behind.

      -- Shal

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